Manupool Licence

The Licence, supporting Citizen Science, Version 1.0
Review Version 1.01 (Commercial use granted - for Geo)*

Wealth is build upon the past, which we all share and in which we participated or collaborated. While just a small circle has access to current and High-end Technology, groundbreaking inventions might often be owned and held back by a circle of large corporations and similar entities.

Research and Development (R&D) is often funded through taxes, paid by the citizens.
Therefore, the tax payer must have access to the results and should be reimbursed if the invention is used commercially. Progress and wealth should be available to everyone. "The thought, that corporations are less and less fulfilling the citizens needs, but to carbonize their position of power, is eligible. To empower local, the citizens, we want corporations to pay a royalty to all people, if they commercially use an invention or a technology."

The Idea of the Manupool Licence is to make technology, inventions, progress, available to anyone who needs it, while empowering mankind and individuals. Inventions, which are donated to be utilized by Manupool will benefit the inventor, the donator himself by acknowledgment - and projects supporting a basic income - or will benefit projects which are actually funding a basic income. The Licence allows any individual to take a personal copy, replicate the invention for personal use, to improve it, to build up on it, while the outcome also needs to be published under the Manupool Licence.

"We believe, that progress has the purpose to free the citizens of the need to do labour for their bare existence" - Götz Werner worded it once similar.

If an invention/development under the Manupool Licence is commercially used, a fee has to be paid, which will provide 'basic income projects' with funds or manpower. One of Manupool's tasks is to publish and describe ways to build upon donated inventions, developments, to support DIY-Education, to enforce self-paced and self-driven learning.

For Manupool, November 19th 2013,
Marcus A. Link, Frankfurt Germany.

*Updated 7.4.2016

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