The Geo

"The idea of the Geo is to utilize a currency system where human skills can thrive, to foster community, curiosity and creativity."

The Geo is a user generated currency.
It is created or generated by the user by participating in skill or knowledge achieving activities. The currency can be used at our vendors, with our tools as well as within our affiliate's projects.

Complementary and Community Currencies are on the rise.
In economic times, where the financial system is struck and banks claim bankruptcy, new ideas rise and news about local currency projects like 'Asheville LETS', BerkShares or the Austin Time Exchange Network can nowadays be read everywhere.

Sometimes you hear: "A currency needs to be backed up by a limited resource like gold or something else of value." We believe, the most valuable resource we have, are free and empowered people. Free to publish their thoughts and ideas, free to achieve skills and knowledge, which they will need for their further tasks in life.

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