Marble Isle (MI) Quiz System

The Marble Isle Quiz System was nominated for the
European Innovative Games Award 2009

The MI Quiz System is one of the first products of 'Manupool - A Product Development Comunity'. The idea of Manupool® is to provide advanced technologies, superior products and extraordinary quality services for solution provider, who can adapt and brand Manupool® developments to their clients needs.

The Marble Isle (MI) Quiz System is a database connected, modular multiple choice framework for tests and quizzes using a virtual environment. One component is an interactive display board, which can be modified to the test provider's needs.

The test taker can be rewarded with "experience points", an object or with currency. The test owner can keep track of the participant's scores and progresses.

Students can, in a fun way, test their achieved knowledge while still memorizing the subject and obtain clues if they need to increase their efforts of learning. The teacher provides a useful and entertaining tool for the students.

The owner of a MI Quiz System can create tests himself or commission someone to do so. Manupool® also offers to sell created quizzes and tests through their platform. The MI Quiz System can transform a simple showcase presence into an interactive, entertaining or educating site.

Because of its modularity, a single quiz creator can become part of a larger quiz community, enriching the simulation and still operate independently.

Features like giving "experience" points, an object or currency to the successful test taker, offers the possibility of making tests instantly rewarding and exciting, while at the same time, offering the opportunity to accumulate points over a longer period of time.

The MI Quiz System itself is a collaborative effort across three time zones, of Grandma Bates U.S., Nicolás Komañski Argentina and Marcus A. Link Germany.

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