MI Question Packs

Question Packs are sets of questions (textures) for the MI Quiz System.
You need to have a MI Quiz Board or the MI Multiplayer version to use them.

How to change the questions in the MI Quiz Board.

Instructions MI Quiz Board:
Drag and drop the Board out of your inventory into the world.
Make sure, that 'running scripts' is allowed in the area where you are rezzing the Board.

Changing the questions, MI Quiz Board:
Leftclick the 'Reset' button to ensure, that the board is in the start state.
Leftclick the back of the board's case, to activate the 'out of order' state. The board's screen texture will change to 'out of order'.
Click again the case of the board, to get the system's dialog menu.
The dialog menu appears only, if the board is in the 'out of order' state.

Click in the dialog menu: 'Cartridge'
A cartridge will appear in front of the board. Hit [Ctrl-3] and mark 'Edit linked parts' in the build menu, deselect the object and leftclick the cartridge while in Edit mode, to access the content of the cartridge.

Delete the textures inside the cartridge and drag and drop the new question textures out of your inventory into the cartridge's content. Click 'Cartridge' to move the cartridge back into the board.

Change the 'start' texture in the root prim of the board.
Hit 'Start' in the dialog menu to start the board again.

You would like to offer newly created question packs in the community shop? Please contact Marcus A. Link (aka Fim Fischer).

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