We are preparing for the beta tester Quizgame launch in "Risk" style.
Participants can claim a location by successfully taking a quiz/test.

Quiz Map: http://www.queritory.com

If you would like to participate and become a location provider,
you'll need to provide a spot with 24 prims spare.
Please get in touch with Marcus A. Link, aka Fim Fischer.

Instructions: Playing the game
Teleport to the quizlocation via the map. By taking a quiz successfully, you create one 'Claiming/Location Point' at that location. If you take a quiz successfully at a location that is claimed by another conqueror, that particular location gets one Claiming/Location Point deducted. If a location is not claimed anymore (0 Claiming/Location Points), the next successful quiz taker will conquer that location. A quiz location can be 'charged' with multiple 'Claiming/Location Points'.
Participants earn Geo with each correct answer they give.

Happy quizzing ...

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