MI Board Configuration

To change the configuration of the in-world board, see the following information.

1st: Read the following instructions.
2nd: Change the 'configurations' notecard to your needs.
3rd: Hit 'Set Notecard' in the dialog menu.
4th: Comment here if you need help or if you have a suggestion.

Board 'in-world':
Leftclick the 'Reset' button to ensure, that the board is in the Start state.
Leftclick the case at the back of the board, to activate the 'out of order' state. The board's screen texture will change to 'out of order'.
Click again the case, to get the system's dialog menu.
The dialog menu appears only, if the board is in the 'out of order' state.

If you want to also reward the test taker with Geo, the board will need 'Debit' permission. Hit 'Configuration/Reward/Funds/Allow Debit' to grant 'Debit' permission.

You successfully changed the configurations notecard and you want to restart the board: Hit the 'Configuration/Set Notecard' button to activate the notecard configuration.
Hit the 'Start' button in the dialog menu, to restart the board.

T= TRUE (Yes)
// = indicates a comment line (double slash)

configurations notecard start

Payment Info Used required //The test taker need to have 'Payment Info Used' on the Marble Isle account's record to be rewarded.
Group required //Test taker need to have the same group activated as the board is set to.
Maximum Age (in days) 0 = OFF //The maximum allowed age of the test taker to receive the reward.
Prize (Points = 0 ; Product = 1 ; Geo = 2) //Participants get one Geo for a correct answer
Funds //Initial Funds available to pay out to test takers
Random questions inside a topic T/F // The questions are shown in a random order.
Random instructions // (only if Random questions inside a topic is T) T/F
Percentage necessary to pass (Numbers between 0 and 100)
MAXIMUM MARKED ANSWERS //True means, the maximum of possible correct answers can be marked.
MAXIMUM QUESTIONS IN THE TEST 0 = OFF/All //Uses X questions out of the maximum.

E-MAIL (never = 0 ; losers = 1 ; winners = 2 ; always = 3)
IM (never = 0 ; losers = 1 ; winners = 2 ; always = 3)

http://www.queritory.com/ //URL of the Support button.
More Quizzes ... ! //URL Text.
RADIUS/TIME (seconds) // The Test taker need to be within 6 meters. After 20 seconds not in range, the board restarts.
6.0 20.0
Board list ON? // This particular board rewards the test taker only once, if 'TRUE'.
Server list ON? // If more than one board is on the same SIMulation,
F // the system allows only once a day an avatar being rewarded by a board.
Message to the owner if the Board List of winners is full?
configurations notecard end

Please write a comment if you have questions, related to the 'configuration' of the Multiple Choice Test Board.

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