Answers about the Geo

Why the Geo?

It is not a question of a new currency as a replacement for an existing one. It is a complementary system. Geo is created/obtained whenever the participant has the time to do so, by achieving skills or knowledge. In the beginning via distance learning technology.

Values - things we value today - become more and more digital and virtual. Those values have an unlimited supply and are kept artificial at a high price.

Our society forces us to keep on learning our whole life.
If you don't do so, you will have a hard time finding a job, if you suddenly find yourself jobless - because of a worldwide financial crisis for instance.

"Which problem is solved?"
It allows people to participate in our (digital) society and it supports education as well as the achievement of skills for the betterment of every individual and communities. Life is much more fun if you have skills - which enable you to achieve individual goals. Education can be much more fun and should be more fun.

Local Governments are - and should be - interested in educated residents.
There is always a demand for extraordinary, effective teaching/class material which is easy to understand and fun to engage with. Companies are usually interested in well educated people. Creating possibilities to achieve necessary skills, on-line - in conjunction with a 3D virtual entertainment world could attract the so called "critical mass".

Value, which can be purchased with Geo, will be often digital, often 3D content, access to virtual 3D entertainment for instance. A selection of (physical) products which companies offer in exchange for Geo, donations 'Raffle style' (there, Geo could be taken out of the system).

"Who determines how many Geos each educational session is worth?"
The worth of a session is determined by the community which is providing education opportunities - the 'Geo Council'. Our current system is rewarding one Geo for every correct question, while taking a multiple choice test. Further possibilities are under development.

Participants can create one Geo every 5 seconds.
Fraud: Since the idea is to publicly show if someone obtained Geo, it
is also observed by the community. We use encrypted communication.

Sustainability can be achieved by cooperating with governments & companies.
A. Imagine a governmental payback (loyalty) card for educational tasks
B. Getting paid for creating digital teaching material
C. Charging a fee if Geo is converted to another currency
D. Providing the 3D virtual collaboration environment
E. Licensing the system to other parties

Would you like 'that'?

For Manupool, January 27th 2011,
Marcus A. Link, Frankfurt Germany.

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