Terms of Service

Three D Services aim is to provide Marble Isle residents with a unique one-of-a-kind experience. On Marble Isle we provide High-Quality Themed (HQT) virtual 3D Spaces with special virtual Land Package Deals and an optional Premium Package that gives you a strong basic know-how of starting your presence on 3D Internet.

Our virtual 3D Spaces are primarily for "Product Development", entertainment, commercial & educational use with some Regions offering residential parcels and exhibitions. Please read the 'Terms of Service & Covenant' below for specific details.

'Terms of Service & Covenant'
You will require to maintain a 'lease' when you own land on Marble Isle.
All Visitors must agree to Marble Isle's/Three D Services Terms of Service (ToS).
Three D Services will not be held responsible for any database issue(s), server problem(s) or scheduled or unscheduled down times. Three D Services reserves the right to refuse membership into their spaces and Groups based on Three D Services discretion.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Digital Concierge before purchasing land.

'Marble Isle Universal Behaviour Policy'
Three D Services has a universal behaviour policy which applies to all guests and residents while being on any of the Marble Isle spaces. This policy is to protect our guests and residents against harassment and disruptive behaviour. Because there is a wide range of possibilities for harassment, we do not have a strict definition of 'harassment' per se but will include, abusive behaviour, spamming unwanted advertising to other residents - basically, any act that will make a resident or guest feel uncomfortable. If someone is violating any of these rules, please contact a Marble Isle Digital Concierge.
As well, please treat your neighbours and their guests' with respect and kindness.

'Over Consumption of Resources - LAG'
In order to provide a positive interactive experience for our residents and their guests, we will not allow objects or scripts that negatively impact the ability of the spaces to operate in an efficient manner - in other words, causing LAG. As with anything in 3D Internet, we cannot predict every kind of abuse. Please feel free to contact a Marble Isle Digital Concierge if you have any questions or are experiencing any type of issues and we will gladly attend to you in a timely manner.

Marble Isle holds Commercial Only Regions as well as Commercial, Exhibition, Art and Residential parcels together on one Region. Regions with both, Commercial and Residential parcels, reflect the reality of a 'community' and encourages positive interactions between Commercial and Residential owners. Please read the information below regarding our Zoning Policy. Our philosophy of fostering a positive community aspect is first and foremost.

'Your Land (General)'
Land sales via the Land Sale Tools are final and binding. We can subdivide parcels or join smaller parcels for you to make a larger one. Each Region will indicate whether or not it has Building Codes and Terraforming privileges.

'Community Land Usage Time, Events & Community Event Calendar'
Some Regions have one centrally located 'community designated' land/parcel that is for the benefit and use of all Marble Isle residents.

1. Events must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance.
2. Events will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Small Events can be held at a Resdient's land/parcel and do not need to be scheduled.

'Service & Support'
Marble Isle's aim is to provide their residents' with a unique one-of-a-kind service experience. Our Universal Behaviour Policy will be recognized and adhered to accordingly. If you have a question, are experiencing any issues or need assistance, please feel free to contact the Marble Isle Digital Concierge Team through any of the following means.

Marble Isle Digital Concierge Team
(Please use this account as your first point of contact)

Inworld Support Account:
Marcus Link
Carmen Villadar
Email: support[at]threedservices.com

Last modified 16.12.2016

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