The Platform of Choice: OpenSimulator
OpenSimulator is a framework to create, host and distribute Virtual 3D Environments of all sizes. The 3D Simulator can run on local machines as well as being hosted on server infrastructure to provide broader access to the environment. It comes with an extendable module concept, to provide a large variety of applicability. Serious Games, Architecture, Landscaping, City Planning and various educational use cases are utilizing the platform - especially for visualization and simulation, fostering creativity and providing educational experiences. It provides a large set of group management tools. Text chat, voice chat, topic votings are some useful features for instance. The finegrained ownership and permission control for Data, 3D Areas and Virtual Objects is unique at the time. An outstanding feature is the so called 'Hypergrid'. Distributed simulations can be connected and become a continuous virtual 3D Environment or Simulation. Many Universities and other educational institutions do link their simulations to facilitate a seamless experience for their students. Designing in 3D and scripting interactive experiences demand a variety of skills, spatial visualization ability, mathematical and programming wise - which can be achieved within the learning environment by 'Trial and error', 'Learning by doing', structured lessons or interactive classes. OpenSimulator is therefore an extraordinary versatile environment to develop and provide STEM learning experiences - preferably self-paced and self-driven, to all types of students/learner.

OpenSimulator is available for free -
under consideration of mentioning the original copyright holder and the copyright notice is retained. The utilized licence (BSD) allows OpenSimulator to be integrated into proprietary products and developments. This type of licence empowers students to build upon the existing functionalety of the framework, to integrate it into their own developments, come up with individual solutions or jump start their own business venture. It is the largest OpenSource project of its kind - written in C# - which is activly developed and maintained. Volunteers, independent developers, Universities, non profit institutions and corporations are contributing to the projects source code regularly.

Accessing OpenSimulator: 3D Environment Clients
There is a variety of clients available for any platform - providing access for all imaginable use cases. VR headsets, gamepads, 3D navigators, mouses, joysticks and keyboards do support a wide range of interaction possibilities - even devices using electro-encephalogram (EEG) data can be utilized.

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